• Divine Touch International School


School Issued Identification (ID) Badges

            The school ID badge must be “prominently” displayed and visible at all times while on campus or at designated school sponsored events.  The ID badge must be clipped on the upper half of the uniform shirt or worn on a lanyard. ID badges may NOT be clipped on the bottom hem of the shirt where it is difficult to see.



            Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit our campus and classrooms. Students from other schools are not permitted to visit the school apart from an organized visitation. All visitors are report to the office first. The office will then contact the school personnel to meet you in the office and you will be escorted to your destination. This helps to ensure a safety and orderly campus of our students and employees.


Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up

            Campus supervision officially starts at 7:30 a.m. (For EMS) & 11.30 a.m. (For GMS), it is not recommended that students arrive or be dropped off before this time. After school campus supervision ends at 12:30 p.m. (For EMS) & 5.00 p.m. (For GMS), students are to immediately leave campus or be waiting at their designated stop after the release bell. Students should not be on campus after releasing bell. Traffic into the school's driveway will always be heavy before school and immediately after school; your patience is appreciated during this time.


General Safety

            No Running on campus. Running is only permitted on the play areas. Field sports (football, soccer, etc.) can only be played when there is adult supervision.


Gum and Food

            Absolutely no gum chewing on campus.  Eating is not allowed in classrooms or the library unless special arrangements have been made with appropriate school personnel.  Students who eat snacks on campus must dispose of all litter in the trash receptacles provided.


Planner Pass and Call Slips

            All students leaving the classroom during class time must possess an official pass. The official pass is the student planner with the hall pass section fully completed and signed by a teacher.  If a student is called out of class, they must have an authorized Call Slip. Students must attend to the specific business and report directly back to class.  Students who need to move from one location to another while classes are in session must do so without disturbance so that learning is not interrupted for others. Students who are out of class without passes or call slips may receive school level consequences.  



School Property

            The school is a public institution and no one may deface, damage, or destroy its buildings, equipment, furniture, grounds, and other property. Graffiti is considered vandalism, and violators will be prosecuted. Damaged, lost, or stolen school books (including the student planner) and supplies must be paid for by the student to whom the items were issued. School issued ID badges are considered school property and must be handled with care.


Outstanding Obligations

            Before a student can participate in or attend special events sponsored in full or in part by the school, all outstanding obligations (student government dues, detentions, classroom textbooks, overdue library books or fines, outstanding uniforms on-loan, fund-raising money, etc.) must be cleared.


Personal Electronics

            Cell phones, smart phones and other personal electronics (e.g., gaming devices or music players) are considered contraband and use is prohibited on campus. School phone is only allowed after school to contact parents/guardians.


Personal Belongings

            Personal belongings, such as band instruments, handbags, iPads, laptops, Kindles or other eReaders, or other valuables, are the responsibility of the individual student.  Never leave personal items unattended as the school is not responsible for loss, damage or theft.


School Office & Use of Telephone

            Students are reminded that the school office and telephone are for business purposes.  Students should not loiter in or around the office. The office will give permission for students to call parents only in emergency situations.


Change of Address or Telephone

            The office should be notified in the event of a change in a student’s address or telephone number as soon as possible.


Transferring to Another School

            As soon as it is evident that a transfer to another school is necessary, students must bring a written notice from home. The school office staff will prepare the Request for Transfer form. The student will then circulate this form to all teachers. Upon completion, the student will receive a release if all school obligations have been met.